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Veteran Owned, Complete Home Inspections From Basement To The Roof Top

Since 2006, Kidston Home Inspections has been helping homeowners save thousands of dollars by identifying significant issues & repairs

  • Thorough Certified Home Inspections. A Couple of Inspectors for the price of one! Fully Insured.
  • Electronic Radon Testing with onsite results (48 hour test)
  • Indoor Air Quality Testing
  • Winterizing and De-Winterizing Homes
  • Plumbing Air Pressure Testing
  • Trouble Shooting Freeze Damaged Homes
  • We Work with Homebuyers/Sellers and Real Estate Agents
  • AHIT Certified 2006 Member of American Society of Home Inspectors
  • In full compliance with ASHI standards of practice
  • Associate Member of ASHI
  • Full time inspection experience since 2006. We have completed 1500+ Certified Home Inspections.
  • Certified Electronic Radon Measurement Provider
  • Certified Indoor Air Quality Testing
  • We exceed Colorado home inspector requirements
  • Our company is fully insured
  • Veteran 20 Active-Duty years in the USAF. Aircraft Avionics, Precision Measurement and Electrical systems.
  • Licensed General Contractor since 1983 complete home renovations & repairs, Designing & Building Additions, Decks and Basement Finishes
  • Trouble shooting and repair of Water Damaged Homes.

The Process – What To Expect

The home inspection process typically works like this:

  • You hire a home inspector.
  • The inspector schedules a time to inspect the home.
  • The inspector arrives at the home and conducts a visual inspection of the exterior, interior, and mechanical systems.
  • The inspector takes notes and photographs of any defects or problems they find.
  • The inspector provides you with a written report of their findings.

The home inspection process can take anywhere from a few hours to a full day, depending on the size and complexity of the home. The cost of a home inspection typically starts from $400 and goes up based on many factors. It is important to note that a home inspection is not a guarantee of a home’s condition. The inspector can only find defects that are visible during the inspection. There may be other problems that are not visible, such as hidden water damage or structural defects. That’s why it is important to ask the inspector about their qualifications and experience. You should also get a copy of their insurance certificate. Here are some things to keep in mind during the home inspection process:

  • Be present for the inspection. This will give you a chance to ask questions and learn more about the home’s condition.
  • Ask the inspector to explain any defects or problems they find.
  • Get a copy of the written report. This will help you negotiate with the seller if any repairs are needed.

A home inspection is an important part of the home buying process. It can help you identify any potential problems with the home before you buy it. This can save you money and headaches in the long run.



We have lived in Colorado since 1981, and in Parker, Co. since 1987  .Licensed General Contractor since 1983 complete Home Renovations, Designing & Building Additions, Decks, Basement Finishes, Detached Garages.

Trouble shooting and repair and inspection of Water/Freeze Damaged Homes.

Associate Member of ASHI. AHIT Certified 2006 Member of American Society of Home Inspectors . In full compliance with ASHI standards of practice.

Full time inspection experience since 2006. Certified Electronic Radon Measurement Provider. We exceed Colorado home inspector requirements. Our company is fully insured Veteran 20 Active-Duty years in the USAF. Aircraft Avionics, Precision Measurement and Electrical systems.

Voted Best Of The Best* Basement Finish contractor in Parker Colorado 2001


David is the person you need when you are buying an older or new home to provide you a very clear and understandable read out of the state of the property. He is very meticulous in his inspections including pictures of each item he finds along with detailed explanations of the risks. David is straight forward and wants to ensure he provides you with all the information on the results. He is available for questions with a quick response time and gives you tips on things to keep an eye out for in the future. His software also provides a read out to the real estate agent on repairs to counter to the seller making sure you don’t lose any information in the process. Dave is approachable, easy to work with, and made us feel confident that he was committed to providing us with the information we needed to make a decision. I have recommended him to several friends and used him on multiple residential and commercial purchases. I highly recommend him! Thank you!

-Kristi De Tienne

Dave Kidston has done dozens of inspections for my clients and all of my clients have been extremely happy with his findings and reports. He is amazingly thorough and worth every penny! In addition to the inspection, he offers extra services with his gizmos and gadgets that routinely give my clients peace of mind in their new homes. I highly recommend using Kidston’s Inspections for real estate purchases, investments or just checking your home for radon, efficiency and comfort.”

Hender Adams REMAX
-Agent and Home Buyer

“Before buying a house I never really thought about the importance of a good home inspection. It just seemed like another box to tick off. Since I was buying a remodeled home, I thought everything would be taken care of, but Dave brought several big issues to my attention. Thanks to his report, I had over $20k worth of repairs done by the seller before I finalized the purchase. If it hadn’t been for them, I would’ve ended up paying for all of that myself.”

Maureen Lee Maloney
-Documentary Filmmaker

“I highly recommend Kidston home inspections. David and Estring are a great team. They are thorough, friendly and easy to get in contact with for any questions. The inspection report they sent made sense and included pictures, with was a plus. Because they were thorough and committed to our health and safety, we undoubtedly saved time and money by including their report findings in our contract with the sellers. I highly recommend Kidston home inspections, and our realtor commented that she wants to work with them in the future.”

Jason P. Lakewood

“My son and I were very happy with Dave Kidston and the home inspection he did for us.”

Ron & Tim Williams

“If you need a professional and reliable home inspection, look no further than Kidston Home Inspections! There are so many things to consider when buying a home and being able to trust someone to give you an honest evaluation of the home’s condition is so important. The report I received was very thorough. And, Dave’s knowledge of home construction in general and things like radon, airflow and water quality, was impressive. I highly recommend this team.”

Terry Kraser


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